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Environmental problems are overwhelming,
but they don’t have to be the end of the story.

If you don’t know where to start, it can be hard to know how to help.

That’s why we are creating Love Your Place—a community for like-minded people to live out their faith and environmental convictions right where they are.

Through interest groups, local groups, courses, events, and getting to know other members, you’ll have all the tools you need to Love Your Place—right at your fingertips.

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Your membership will include:

  • Free access to the Love Your Place online community to connect with others who share your convictions, get tips, and share your experiences
  • Self-paced courses and resources designed to help you cultivate your love for creation through curated science and theology materials, devotional guides, action steps, and more
  • Online and in-person events, concerts, book clubs, and webinars

"I have loved the personal challenges presented in the courses, and participating in the group discussions and events has helped connect me to others with the same desire to care for God's world that we are all part of."

Mary Anne
Teacher, South Carolina

"Who we are is tied to where we live and the ecology of a particular place. Love Your Place is a great way to know your neighbors, down to the smallest plant and insect."

Sandra McCracken
Songwriter, Tennessee

"Love Your Place is a valuable resource for individuals and households seeking to love the people and places where God has planted them."

Rev. Ben Lowe
Author, Florida

"As a Christian and an ecologist working in the field of conservation, I feel like I walk a line between two worlds that don't often intersect (but should!). I am excited to support A Rocha USA and their mission and to learn from them and other Christians through Love Your Place."

Ecologist, Minnesota

"As a grandparent, I am excited for the ways Love Your Place will help families care for creation."

Ed Brown
Executive Director, Care of Creation, Wisconsin

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