Courses to care for creation where you live

Love Your Place's self-paced courses are designed to help you cultivate your love for creation through curated science and theology materials, devotional guides, action steps, and more

Climate Change Course

Climate change is a dynamic reality that impacts us all. Its wide-reaching consequences call us to action, as individuals and communities and as Christ-followers. The Love Your Place Climate Change course will help you explore this question: Why and how does our Christian faith move us to act on climate change?

The course features four modules exploring the intersection between Christian faith and climate change consequences and actions, including webinars with people deeply involved in addressing climate change, and Zoom calls for participants to share targeted climate action tips and challenges. Included with Love Your Place membership.

Living the Sabbath Book Club

Norman Wirzba's book, Living the Sabbath, is explored in Book Club with guidance from guest instructor, Grant Shellhouse. Book Club resources include an author interview and webinar, recorded book discussions, and a chapter-by-chapter study guide, including reflection on the unique challenges and opportunities for sabbath practice during the pandemic.

This course was offered live during July-August 2020 and will remain available until July 2021. Included with Love Your Place membership.

Habitat Course

Habitat is - put simply - a home for all of us: plants, animals, people. Many animal species alter their habitat, but none quite like humans! As God's appointed caretakers of his creation, habitat also has spiritual implications. Dive in to learn and grow in loving your place through the Habitat course.  We cover: Human habitat, Pollinator habitat, Bird habitat, and Coral Reef habitat.  Included with Love Your Place membership.

Plastics Course

We know plastic pollution is bad, but what can we possibly do in the face of such an immense problem? A lot, actually. We can take small steps that make a difference in creation. In this course, you'll learn simple ways to change your plastic habits, and get additional resources to deepen your creation care journey.  Included with Love Your Place membership.

Orientation Course

Everything you need to know to get started in Love Your Place and be successful. Don't skip this super-important introduction to Love Your Place. Included with Love Your Place membership.

Care for Creation Where You Live

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