Living the Sabbath: a Conversation with Norman Wirzba


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recorded Aug. 26th, 2020


In his book, Living the Sabbath, Norman Wirzba explores the inner logic and practices around the Bible’s teachings on Sabbath. He develops how understanding the “proper depth and breadth” of the Sabbath “not only situates us within the orders of creation, and thus within the larger drama of God’s redeeming love, but also opens new paths as we journey toward justice, peace, and joy.” But what are the practicalities of Sabbath practice beyond simply a single day of no work? What challenges Sabbath sensibility in our personal and communal lives?

As we collectively reckon with life during the coronavirus pandemic and the coming days, perhaps Living the Sabbath invites us to ask anew the question Wendell Berry poses: what kind of human life does it take to include the Sabbath?