No Mow May

For May of 2022, we’re asking you to do less to benefit creation.

Reducing lawn mowing frequency brings benefits: More habitat and food for pollinators, reduced carbon emissions, water conservation, and a more drought-resistant lawn, to name a few!

Download and print a yard sign below. 

Yard Sign Download – 3 Options

The back of each poster includes information about No Mow May and ways for passersby to get involved.






Recommendations for printing the sign
  • Print the sign (front and back) at home or at a print shop.
  • Insert the sign pages back-to-back into a plastic sleeve (such as one meant to hold a sheet of paper in a three-ring binder), and tape it at the bottom so the sign won’t slip out.
  • Then use a wooden or metal garden stake, slide the sign over the top of the stake, and stick it in your yard, preferably where passersby can read and learn you are intentionally not mowing and why. 
If you’re on social media, post a pic! Show us your sign and patch of habitat on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtags #NoMowMay and #ARochaUSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to communicate ahead of time with your HOA or local city officials about participating in No Mow May if ordinances prevent you from letting your lawn grow wild.

You may also want to talk with your neighbors to share your plans and head off any concerns.

PennState Extension and Bee City USA have detailed instructions and suggestions for participating in No Mow May if you live within city limits or in an HOA. 

The iNaturalist app is a powerful tool to help you identify plants and insects. Simply upload the app to your phone and take photos of any plants or insects you see if your yard. Go here for a tutorial on how to upload your photos into iNaturalist and get them identified. Make sure to search for and select "A Rocha Pollinators" as a project for your iNaturalist observations! 

According to PennState Extension, some weed laws and lawn regulations exist to prevent the proliferation of "vermin" like mosquitos, rats, and snakes.

Thankfully these fears are mostly myths and not a cause for concern. Natural landscapes generally will not attract rats or harbor legions of mosquitos. 

Check out PennState Extension's "Neighborly Natural Landscaping in Residential Areas" webpage to learn more.

There are other ways to participate in No Mow May, even if you don't have a yard. 

Consider motivating your church, favorite coffee shop, local parks and recreation board, or small business to participate by sharing this opportunity. 

You can also talk with your apartment or condo manager if there is any yard maintained around your building. Sometimes all it takes is to ask!

No Mow May originated with PlantLife in the UK and has been promoted in North America by Bee City USA (an initiative of the Xerces Society). 

No Mow May is catching on regionally in the United States. Could you be the one to spark action for pollinators in your community?


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